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My first experience with Sushi wasn’t the best. And I’m talking vegetarian sushi here. It was from what they call the Mc Donalds for Sushi (Sushiboy) and we couldn’t stand the smell! Recently when I was out I decided to go ahead and try the vegetarian sushi at A CA SHI sushi. I had even watched a video on on how to eat sushi the right way.

So all prepped up I ordered the egg sushi and the vegetarian sushi rolls. I fell in love with the seaweed salad sushi and the pickled radish and lotus root ones. The avacado, broccoli and asparagus I could easily skip. I didn’t see one with tofu but the idea struck me only later.

The egg sushi is more on the sweeter side but i really liked it! Especially the way he presented it. He was also making other orders, I was pleased that my order did not have any other smell and he made sure that he washed his hands after each order. It was amazing to see how quiet he was while making it all.

I also tried the vegetarian sushi rolls which had a mix of all the toppings I had. I realized later that I shouldnt have. I also had sake and for the first time had it warm. Again from my past experiences, I’d say warm is the way to go! I guess it depends on the type of sake you have but I definitely enjoyed it warm.

It’s also been a long weekend and some fun times. Celebrated (R)oomie’s birthday and our cake size reduced drastically this time and it was also not home made which makes me wonder where my baking days are headed. Huppy Buday ol (R)oomie! Kanpai to more fun times ahead!!!

Lunch at Pitfire(North Hollywood) with the team… Although I went with the intention of trying their salads, I ended up ordering the only vegetarian option they had. I tasted leek for the first time ever and although I loved the roasted veggies I’d have preferred a little more spice. The verdict is that I would definitely go back for more!

Stinking Rose(Beverly Hills) with the (R)oomie… Let me warn you that this is definitely not a first date place. Since we love garlic and I’d been hearing about it a lot we decided to go ahead and give it a try. I wasn’t adventurous enough to try their garlic ice-cream but my order of Toothy Fruity(oh so awesome!), Arugula pesto pasta and (R)oomie’s order of Garlic pesto and Fontina pizza was super yumm! I was warned by my carpool buddy to visit this place on a friday so I could get the garlic off our systems over the weekend. Although I don’t feel the effect anymore I would definitely suggest that you not plan on attending a very important meeting at work the next day and plan on giving it sometime depending on your body type…

Coley’s a Jamaican restaurant with the team for lunch… Another interesting cuisine and I like that it’s a little walk from work… I again went for their vegetarian option but I honestly enjoyed every bit of it. I did order a strange drink called the Irish Moss - I quite don’t know how to explain the taste but I was told that it was made from sea weed! The lunch conversation as always is so interesting with the range of topics varying from the new time magazine cover, the weirdest tv shows to politics!

Veggie grill for lunch with (R)oomie after a visit to the Renaissance Faire! I rarely like vegan restaurants, unfortunately but this is favourite of the (R)oomie and so I find myself visiting this place more often than I’d have liked to until I tried their buffalo wings. Now this place is definitely on my to-go list.

Another Vegan place I would recommend is a place in San Jose called Loving Hut. I promise to update this post with more pictures of food from this place - unfortunately the food doesn’t last long enough for me to get my camera set up. We have tried their Lucky curry and Fried rice combo and the lucky curry more than once.

On another visit to San Jose a bunch of us met up at Il Fornaio(Palo Alto). I love Italian and when it’s authentic I love it all the more. (R)oomie is not a fan of all the cheese and pasta so he didn’t really enjoy the food fare. I tasted a couple of new wines and we shared a pizza. Everything tasted great right from the appetizers to the desert, the service in particular was genuinely nice.

Every friday my carpool buddy tries to make a stop at Gelson’s for his smoked salmon while I spend a few minutes gazing longingly at the wide variety of baked goods they have. As soon as you step inside Gelson’s you are greeted with a mix of aromas on your left which come from the famous Victor Benes bakery. I stayed away for a long time and finally gave it and got a few Florentines for the team(and me). I’m glad I shared but I could get lost in there I tell you.

This is an incomplete post and although I hate to leave it this way I promise to update it soon and I know I’ve neglected this space for a long time now!

Last but not least after all that fun food outside I’ll end this one with a pic of home made food and wish all you wonderful mommies out there a great today and everyday. I am not one to fall for marketing gimmicks and all I did was wish my Mom but you don’t really need a reason to buy your Mom something special, do ya? So go get her something, cook her special dish, take her to her favorite restaurant - whats more special than spending quality time with her when you can - be it today or any other day?!