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Voila our homemade Ganesha this year.

It’s that time of the year, when I put on my ‘artist’ cap and have some fun. Honestly, this is something I started in 2010 right after I got married, for no particular reason but to be able to create something from clay. Earlier I was hooked to Tanjore painting and was frustrated because of the lack of materials out here. More on that later.

Toying with the idea, I got myself some clay from Michael’s and well a lot of other stuff that wasn’t really part of the original plan(you know how one can get lost at Michael’s). I played with it, watched a video on you-tube and made the first one. It was simplistic(still is) and the end result made me immensely happy. I got a lot of compliments(read facebook comments) and some emails asking me for the procedure I followed. I want to thank you for that encouragement. Although it was as crude and rough as it was, it made me happy to see that people appreciated it.

I remember the first time, trying to make the left ear look like the right one and wondering if I’d ever be able to get it. On that note I still can’t get both ears to look alike.


The year after that, (R)oomie insisted that I make one. That year I didn’t have the right colors and I was slightly disappointed with the end result but I decided to not try to change too much. After all an elephant IS grey in color! And blue doesn’t necessarily mean jeans.

So well this year I created Ganesha from memory, no videos, no references, nothing. I used 2 boxes of clay instead of one so that I didn’t need to restrict myself.Maybe next year I will use 3 or 4 or more. Oh, the possibilities!

Happy Ganesh Chathurthi in advance peepal! Have a safe and peaceful year. Keeping near and dear ones in my prayers for now.

P.S: More on this festival on or after 19th Sep!

Hey yo’ll…

Id Mubarak and Happy Ganesh Chathurthi to all of you… August had a lot of Birthday celebrations Krishna(yea the Hindu God) and Balarama’s(His Brother) and (R)oomie! September brings along more celebrations and it continues to the end of the year and then again it’s welcoming the new year and many many more festivals… So happy festivities!!!

Abhi-Zee’s Ganesha just before Visarjan…

Lav’s Ganesh Chathurthi celebrations

I cannot imagine not having the amazing kheer that Mom’s friend and mine used to serve us on Eid and neither can I imagine not celebrating Christmas. There are tons of festivals I am not aware of and do not celebrate simply because I haven’t had the luck&pleasure of experiencing them…  You will however observe how I have come down to associating the my memories with the one thing I speak and write so much about - FOOD…

PB Aunty’s handmade Ganesha

We all have our favourites, dont we now? So does Ganesha - Modaks, Besan ke laddu,  Rawa Laddu, Puran Poli, Motichoor Laddu, Moong Dal ka Halwa, Karanji, Puliodarai and lot’s more… Given the size of his rotund belly, its really not surprising. Last year, for the first time I tried making a few of his favourites and they were Okay but not as great as I’d have liked them to be. This year we decided to focus more on quality and less on quantity.

So I went a little overboard and made a homemade mandir with drapings(handstitched) and a clay Idol with as realistic colours as I could get. Unlike last year when I worked on the clay using a video - this year I created mostly using my imagination, sitting all through the night… At the break of dawn, I read about the earthquake and the upcoming hurricane and I prayed that the effects not be catastrophic… But that’s another story altogether.

So here are my memories and also a few on my frds’ celebrations and with it I include a prayer for you - a prayer for peace, happiness and success in all the good that you do… And also for you all to find love and stay loved.

That’s BruceLee…

A wedding gift from a dear friend. He’s a Chinese Elm, 17 year old Bonsai and the latest addition to our lil garden… I’m totally in love and though I’m not a Bruce Lee fan, the (R)oomie is and so we settled on this name. :) I sing to him everyday and keep his thirst quenched twice a day…

He reminds me of the two Bonsai I have back home that I named after the friends’ who gifted them to me.

Sunday Spl: Chopstick painting

I’ve been fascinated by chopsticks since I was 6. We were in Kuwait at that time and often used to eat Chinese take home with chop sticks. That just remained in my psyche and when ever I eat Chinese I make sure I try to show off my chopstick skills. At home I eat even maggi with chops sticks but its no fun. That reminds me of a south Indian style maggi with poppu/tadka - pretty good.

Sunday being this really slow day, I decided to do something that would help my future noodle inspired dishes. I wanted to adorn my noodles with self painted chopsticks.

Please be careful not to paint the tips that dip into your dish because no matter what the print at the back of the paint says, I don’t think you should be taking a chance with putting it in your mouth. So make simple or elaborate designs at the broad portion and and let it dry… I used the shimmer paints I had at home but i prefer loud and bright colours.

And then FEAST… :)