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Remember the Vada i mentioned about earlier, well, i decided to make it again because Urad dal is supposed to be good for health. The real reason is that i wanted the shape to come out just right and its the batter that makes all the difference. I made sure that the batter was just the right consistency and so it doesn’t suck in too much oil. So make it and eat it with this or this.


Urad Dal 1 cup soaked in water overnight

Onion - 1/2 cup chopped

Chili - 1 minced

Ginger - 1” piece minced

Coriander - a few stems finely chopped

Salt to taste

Oil - 3-4 TbSp

Well the best thing to get a good batter is the mixer grinder you use. Use a strong one like the ones you get in India. Okay im being a little too dramatic, you know how to grind something with very little or no water to a really fine thick paste don’t you? You have to drain out the water and use maybe 1 spoon water to do the grinding -that’s how i did it and it came out pretty well. Then add all the chopped ingredients and mix really well.

Heat oil in a deep bottomed vessel.

Now the fun part is making the donut shape. Have some water in a bowl and dip your hand(the hand you are gonna use to make the donut shape) in it and shake off the excess water. Now take a little batter into your hand and shape it into a smooth ball. Trust me because of the water, the batter doesn’t stick. And now press it evenly to form a pattie. Now stick your thumb in the center to make the hole. And its done!!! I know the explanation seems a bit confusing but check out a video on you tube if you don’t like my way and you’ll see what i mean when i say that it’s really easy. I’ve grown up watching Amma make it and this was my first time ever. second if you count the last unsuccessful attempt :).