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A Tequila Sunday!

Well I cheated…

It’s not Tequila but I had to show off the new juicer I gifted myself after preening in the mirror and wondering why Benjamin Button didn’t happen to me.

Last time when I visited my neighbours, they told me about this wonder drink that their kids had introduced them to. A disgusting sounding drink which was a piece of all the veggies you could possibly imagine with just the natural fruit sugars. An apple was what they used to sweeten their ‘wonder drink’. Now I was baffled by how they-a typical south Indian couple - could, out-of-the-blue drink a crazy sounding drink everyday! But then they spent half their time with their kids and hence the influence.

I was invited to their place for a glass of this drink and I hesitated. I didn’t want to end up puking in front of them involuntarily nor did I want to seem rude. So I acquised and ended up at breakfast time and had a glass full. Surprise Surprise, it wasn’t bad. Infact, it was actually interesting. That was my first ever and hopefully last- I wish!

My Mommy dearest and I had a chat a few days back and guess what? She was on this ‘wonder drink’ too! Not influenced by anyone, but, as an experiment, and basically an easy way to consume as many nutrients without all the added effort of cooking (which anyway kills some of the nutrients). She tries a multitude of veggies and different combinations everyday. She also blends all the veggies and so she ends up getting all the fiber she needs for a day with a glass of juice. She does use honey to sweeten her drink and I’m so glad she does! ;)

Mine though is just pure grape juice which I got using my new juicer and I decided to call it my “Sunday Tequila” enjoyed in front of a roaring fire. No I’m not going to bore you with a recipe but I will stress on the importance of consuming fresh fruits in any form.

So what’s your crazy freaky drink?