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This post is in continuation with my earlier post on food from different restaurants that I seem to visit pretty frequently these days!

A very interesting albeit salt free Vegetable Florentine at Four n 20. A place I pass by every day for the last 6 months and I haven’t ever noticed. That’s not really new to me. I hardly observe things around me when I travel. Having a very short term memory doesn’t help either.

A boysenberry pie. The reason why we went to Four n 20 in the first place was that I had NEVER had a pie till then. I’ve seen them in stores but never dared or cared to order one. I seen and read tons of recipes but again never dared to try one out. Having finally tried this out I now know the texture of the pie crust and could probably muster the courage to make one meself.

Its a friday tradition to stop by at Gelsons and I picked this one up. This was my lunch - and nothing else. Pretty good and I’d say have it cold!

It’s summer time and people do crazy things with ice cream. My first try at a ice-cream sandwich cookie. Not very fun to eat given that ice-cream tends to melt and I like to eat a lil slowly. This is something I’d suggest you serve in a bowl. By the way, that was edible paper - which i did not eat.

The tree that gives me shade :D I love palm trees - I have memories of drawing them since forever. This one especially protects me from the crazy morning sun.

I love how the colors seem to burst right out!

The might I made pie for the first time! It was midnight and the 4th of July. I used a simple ratio that I had heard on the radio channel KCRW. But I’m not a huge fan of apple pie and so maybe i’ll make another one, some other crazy midnight.

By now, pasta is an old topic here :) Lunch one lazy Sunday spinach pesto with some Italian veggie sausages.

I hope you are enjoying a fun summer! I’ve been a little busy of late, with life and the consequences… I still try to stop and sniff the air around :)