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Ever felt like a grain of sand in the desert? Most likely the answer to that question is ‘Yes, at some point in time’. What do you do when that feeling overcomes you and then you become that feeling? Do you drown? Do you feel helpless like a stranger in a foreign land or a fish out of water? Do you wish you could go back in time and huddle in your favourite place? Or, do you look around, seek familiarity in the foreignness, initiate a conversation even if it’s with a shy smile?

Cafe Latte from Republic of Pie -  a little stronger, a lil more expensive but worth it!
     I’ve felt foreign for the longest time in my life. Even back when I was a kid, looking for friends to play with, to talk to. But I’ve never looked back and wanted to change anything. I’ve enjoyed the flow of life and the places it has taken me to, the intriguing people it helped me meet. Smiling helps a lot, even if it invokes strange looks sometimes, they finally succumb and give in. They smile back hesitantly at first and then more openly. I love that first smile, the first look, the innumerable questions in the eyes and then the trust that comes with it… It’s what I adore about human kind - that although we seek to be different, we are the same - somewhere and somehow. Hatred exists and it kills us but there’s a little of it in all of us and that makes us similar too. Although this can be delved into a lot more - I won’t do it today.
Saffron buns: <Recipe here> A recipe I’ve waited almost two years to try out. Well worth the wait, I must say.

     For sometime now I’ve been feeling a little helpless, a little fearful of losing the things I love the most. I thought about it, tried making a list of things that I care about, about people, actions, faiths and the list kept growing longer and longer with each deep breath I took and I grew frustrated. I intended to keep the things that mattered small so I could grab hold it in my arms when the time came. It was so hard to let go of anything, to strike even a single item off that list and I realized that I was literally making a mountain out of nothing. I wouldn’t have to hold on to anything if I didn’t fear losing it.

I love how vegetables add so much colour to a dish. Chop up some greens, reds and yellows add some spicesand you’re ready to go!

It’s not about not having attachments, I do have attachments and they make my life a sweet place to live in. But fear is the price tag of any attachment. Take it off but you know its value and you know you paid for it. I’m teaching myself to acknowledge its presence and then walk past it with a smile. Make it feel like a stranger in a foreign land…

     I’m not going anywhere with this post. I’m not going to preach for I don’t believe in preaching. I do believe in humanity and that we are in someway connected(except those that I don’t feel connected to) and that connection will lead us on in this life to the next(if there is any such thing).

Adios. <Insert skid sound effect>

Holy Cow! Was I not supposed to be writing a food post? Isn’t this a food blog? I was going to write up about my new favourite kitchen utensil - the Cast Iron Skillet. I totally adore how well the food made in a skillet tastes - well so so good. I’m probably exaggerating here but I do feel the need to emphasize on the taste factor so you can go and get yourself one and help the Cast Iron Skillet industry!!!

Oookay the tinsy winsy details: For a while now I have been looking it up amazon, Sur la table and many other stores and finally bought it from Surfas which is a great store for gourmet food lovers. Amazon would have been a less expensive option but honestly I love the Surfas store and so I don’t have regrets paying a little more.

After all that joy I put into buying a skillet (I know, some of you might just be rotflyao, or not) I needed to put it to test. I had already heard about how it was a pain to maintain(Yay I’m getting all poetic here, food makes me wanna do that!) so I had all the tools handy to make sure it survives the next century! I started easy, make some fried potatoes, okra and then moved on to putting it in the oven making some saffron buns(I’d do anything so get some real saffron and not go broke) and finally decided to make some Egg curry.

This dish is so versatile, that to make it Vegan, all you need to do is replace the eggs with -peas or pan fried tofu works really well too. I have a picture with the step by step procedure so I want to try and avoid putting the recipe given that this post is pretty wordy already.

Or maybe it is sheer laziness on my part. But honestly I was clicking away each step of the way and so we’re even.

Try it out and let me know if you have any trouble. I’m here to help in any way possible - that includes inviting you home and showing you how to make it - anything that involves using my cast iron skillet.

My car pool buddy had mentioned something called ‘pigs in a blanket’. I was instantly challenged to make a vegetarian version. These are super quick to make and need only 3 ingredients.
Vegan cheese (optional)
The biscuits are ready to bake and need to be flattened out. Place the veggie sausages and add some cheese, wrap it up and bake for 10-12 minutes at 375 F. Try Wholefoods, Albertsons or any store that carries a variety of veggie dogs. I tried simple sausages and the Italian flavor and the latter was my favourite. I also tried wrapping the dogs with croissants but didn’t enjoy the flaky outer layer that much.
In India, biscuits are what we call cookies here. I was pretty horrified to find out that biscuits here meant something completely alien to me. Ofcourse I grew to enjoy them slowly(proof of which you see above) but I started missing Indian  ‘biscuits’ terribly. I’d stock up on marie ‘biscuits’ whenever possible, lest I run out of them on a rainy day. I am addicted to drinking my Indian masala tea with these ‘biscu-’ err cookies. One sleepless midnight I decided to give baking cookies a try and clicked this pic. I love how cold milk complements the soft cookie and I also tried to show off how well my Bonsai is doing!
That ends my post. I promise you not to be as weird as I was in my next post and actually put up a recipe. Have a brilliant week!
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