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My (R)oomie is easily pleased. A simple Indian dinner, a slice of mango, makes him plenty happy. What I’ve noticed is that it’s the attitude he gets it with that makes him all the more happy. That child like glee is something I’ve seen in very few people.

My Mom too, is easily pleased - genuineness is the easiest way to get to her. She lives in the details and then cares about the big picture anything in between and you’ve lost. Although these two people mostly very different I see some similarities that make me happy.

They both are true and fair minded people - they love to give, they never care about themselves as much as they should(I keep telling them both this often), they both love me loads(which is the best part) and I love them both loads and loads albeit we rarely need a reason to start a war discussion…

Well, why this mushy post, you ask? Because I don’t want to wait a year(for special days) to say ‘i love you’ to the special people in my life. Each day is special(in its own weird twisted discussion filled way) because I have you in it.

Sometimes long drives end up being great places to pick up fresh fruits(like the apples in the picture above). One such drive got us a plethora of strawberries and mangoes. Coming from India, I miss mangoes the most during summer… All those summer vacations spent eating every variety of mango available in every possible form, trying to get a taste of the mango pickle without getting caught are some of my favorite memories.

Although strawberries never played a big role in my life as a kid I did get to taste it as a special treat once in a while and when I got a chance to play with so much of it I jumped at it. I’ve mostly made strawberry preserve/jam but more recently I’ve tried consuming some of it fresh or in a milkshake with some other seasonal berries. 

Having said that, the milkshake it a great way to consume this delicious fruit. Or just fresh, out of the box. 

I cannot have enough of these either… Except that I sometimes feel lazy to cut them up :)

Days like these all I want to do is sit on my papasan chair and drink some masala chai… And since the weather here is unpredictable such times are precious!

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