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 Last week we had friends over for dinner and breakfast. Instead of making something i already had i asked my friend what he cooked and he said ‘Egg fried rice’ and I jumped at it because it was a recipe another friend of mine had asked for some time back. It’s pretty simple and so here goes…

What you will need:

Rice - 2 Cups

You can use basmati or sona masoori. We used sona masoori and pressure cooked it with water:rice ratio of 2:1 for about 15 min. I usually microwave basmati rice on high with a lot of water (H2O:rice=4:1) for 19 to 20 minutes and then drain the excess water. That way i get rid of all the starch and can make sure that the rice doesn’t stick. Once this is don keep the rice aside to cool.

Oil - 1 Tbspn

Mustard - 1 Tspn

Cumin -  Tspn

Asafoetida - 1 pinch

Ginger garlic paste - 1 Tbspn

Onion - finely sliced - 1 Cup

green chili - sliced and seeded - 1

tomato paste(optional)

Eggs - 6 med size or 5 large

Salt and pepper to taste

Soy sauce - 2 Tspn

Take a large open mouthed non stick vessel and heat the oil. Let the mustard and cumin splutter and then add the asafoetida and the ginger garlic paste. The ready made paste usually has salt in it so be careful while adding salt later on. Let the paste cook for about 5 minutes on medium heat to lose the raw taste. Now add the onion and saute till it turns translucent which would b another 9-10 minutes. At this point you can add a tspn of tomato paste if you like. Add the chili and saute for about a minute. Crack open the eggs and make a scramble out of the whole mixture. At this point add the salt and pepper and keep mixing really well. What we need to look for is a dry texture and all the liquid in the scramble if any has completely evaporated. Turn off the heat and keep aside uncovered for about 5 minutes to set. Taste for salt and pepper and adjust.

Now add the rice and mix carefully to make sur that the rice grains stay separate and don’t mash. At this point add soy sauce and mix well. Serve with crisp potato chips on the side.


Egg fried Bread

Instead of the rice you can simply add roughly cut white sandwich bread slices to the egg scramble and mix well. A delightful breakfast item. Wanna make it heavy? Toast the bread with butter/ghee and mix it into the egg scramble.

Amma’s Dhokla

Recently i made some Dhokla from scratch and couldn’t wait to taste the original recipe by Mommy dearest. What she did differently was to add Eno salt:Baking soda = 1:1. While doing the Tadka part add 1/2 cup water after taking it off the heat. Also fill a chili with some salt and cook it in some oil for a tasty accompaniment.

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