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Should I start by apologising for the huge gap in blogging? Maybe, maybe not. It’s been an interesting start to the much talked about 2012. I’m not sure about many of you but I for one feel like the whole of 2011 just flew by without letting me know. Would I have changed much about it? Mostly not ;)but I do wish I had gotten down to doing a lot more baking and blogging. But, I don’t like looking back and so we shall look at making the most of this year!

2012 you shall see me use social media in a lot better way, use as much public transport as possible and try to reduce my carbon print one day at a time, do more knitting and crocheting and reading more too.

I got some really interesting presents these holidays… A beautiful collection of candle stands – something my bff and I were looking at online one day… Some elegant whiteware which is soooo her and a gadget that is super fun to use. I have bookmarked  a mocha Frappuccino recipe for (R)oomie  so I can put all the good stuff to use! (R)oomie gifted me an awesome vacation and I still haven’t gotten over the hangover.

On and we got to see some new places, revisit some old places and I got to click some amazing pictures.

Before I start out on food I’d like to share a few of my favourite captures from all over the place. It’s amazing how you get to hear about places that are not on the top ten places to visit list from total strangers. And when you start exploring you ultimately end up relating with the food you get there(I speak for food bloggers)

As vegetarians or lacto-ovo vegetarians to be specific food becomes an integral part of vacation planning. We either carry food along with us or bookmark all the local vegetarian options we have. I am not a big fan of places such as Mc Donalds, Burger King though I do like the veggie omelette at Denny’s and so I like to visit the not so talked about local food places and end up getting them to make me something vegetarian saying I’ll have that but without the meat. I mostly end up getting this look because the dish is probably known for all the meat in it and they actually find it crazy to actually make something without it.

6 months ago I was part of a reunion and I extended that stay by visiting my ex-colleagues and roomie. There I was treated to pasta at a place called Noodles and Company. I was bowled over! So many many vegetarian choices and absolutely delish. All the dishes can be altered to suit the palate of a meat lover too. They also have thai, japanese, italian based dishes.

That’s Thai Curry soup, Pesto Cavatappi(my order) and Pad Thai.

I recommend this place to anyone who loves noodles, pasta , heck anyone and everyone coz they have salads and sandwiches too!

The next place that left a mark was this beautiful Buddhist temple called the Hsi Lai temple. So what really happened was that (R)oomie came over to pick me up after my parlour visit and it happened to take a bit longer so he got talking to the lady there and she mentioned that she was a Buddhist and that she visits this place. He got all the details and one fine sunday just surprised me with a trip to this place. We got lucky the 1st time we went there because there was a special prayer going on that week. We tasted some pretty interesting Buddhist cuisine which btw has stolen (R)oomie’s heart stomach! We also luckily got to see and taste this interesting ‘open baked pancake with stuffing’ kinda thing. I got some herbal tea for myself and stayed far away from the gift shop because it was super expensive. This place has a museum which you can visit for $1 (How many places can make such a claim these days) and they always have some interesting celebration going on. Buddhism classes, Chanting, yoga, Art gallery, library, Meditation. Parking is free too!

A few glimpses:

The 1st entrance…

The 2nd Entrance inside which no photography is allowed.

A shot from the bottom…

The pancake thingies I spoke of earlier

These cute stone sculptures are all over the place!!

We also went back to visit Catalina Island. We visited the place before marriage and I somehow fell in love with it… I have been pestering (R)oomie to take me back for sometime now and so we made it our 1st priority this winter. I do have to tell you though that it’s the dullest time of the year and its not tourist season but given that we wanted to have a quiet time - just the 2 of us it was perfect. Most of the tourist activities were shut down for obvious reasons. And as the day came to an end it got really cold but we ended it in a cozy place with some yummilicious pizza!

A few glimpses…

My friends told me that this reminded them of Goa…

If you have been to Kerala this would probably remind you of the place!

A 2 mile walk later and many many cacti later we reached the Wrigley’s memorial(Yes, as in the Wrigley’s chewing gum guy)

The last time we were here we went to this restaurant which served up so much cheese that we nearly drowned in it.

A deserted club

The museum, theater with one screen and just one movie per week and pretty much the only source of entertainment for the locals…

We walked a lot!

and some more…

before we landed up here for some peanut throwing and…


Okay… I’m going to end this post now cause I know it’s already very photo heavy and probably post some more later but I sure hope you all are having a fabulous time out there… Make sure you smile and keep enjoying life…

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