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Alu Vada:

What does one do when one gets an atrocious deal like 10 pounds of potatoes for 88 CENTS!!! One gets down and dirty to make Alu Bonda(Fried dumplings dipped in gram flour with a potato stuffing), Alu Curry, Alu Fry and anything with Potato in it. (Alu = Potato) So for a very long potato filled week it was baked potato, and then thai potato curry, simple fried potato, mashed potato and I still have potato left waiting to be worked on…

What you need:

Urad Dal 1 cup cleaned well under running water twice and soaked in water overnight

Onion paste - 1 Tspn (optional as it adds too much water)

Chili paste - 1/2 Tspn (adjust to taste)

Ginger paste - 1/2 Tspn

Coriander - a few stems finely chopped(optional)

Salt to taste

Grind the urad dal with very little or no water to a really fine thick paste. You have to drain out the water and use maybe 1 spoon water while grinding -that’s how i did it and it came out pretty well. Then add all the remaining ingredients and mix really well. The batter is the same consistency as that of the Vada batter maybe just a tad bit runnier.

On the side boil and mash some potato and add a bit of garlic salt and mix really well. Make into small balls and keep aside. Drain all the water from the mashed potato. The balls should be as firm as possible.

Heat oil in a deep bottomed vessel.

Gently roll the potato balls in the batter and just as gently drop them into the oil and deepfry for about a minute or two evenly. An evening snack and lip smacking too!

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