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Vegan French Toast:

It’s easiest to pick recipes off from else where. I’m not a vegan but a lot of Indian cooking has vegan ingredients. I first saw Vaishali’s blog and was amazed at her passion for animals and vegan food. I love animals but I’m still an eggitarian(eggs+vegetarian). Meaning I eat eggs and still use animal products like milk, honey, silk, cheese etc. It doesn’t mean I don’t like tofu(I love tofu) but i haven’t turned vegan. Her line ‘I love animals, and I love great food. But I don’t care to mix the two' is a favourite of mine.

This is the recipe I followed and it’s my 100th post(not recipe though)!

The only difference is that I used whole grain bread instead of whole wheat. The rest of the ingredients are pretty easy to get. Eat 1 slice and and I assure you your tummy will stay full for quite a while. Enjoy…

P.S: I got stopped at a railway crossing after almost a decade. I counted the bogies like I used to, on my way to school. There were 9…

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