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Christmas time has some special memories since childhood for me. We make sure we celebrate in some small way every year. Last year was extra special because I just made it back from my trip to India and (R)oomie had the home all decorated and cozy. His favourite is the fruitcake we get in India during this time and I had made sure I got him some(which you can see in here).

Some time back - almost 3 months ago Ria had put up a post about doing giveaways once a month. I found the whole idea super sweet and we had a small conversation on twitter and I wanted to be a part of it . We decided on a time closer to Christmas time!

It’s something I totally enjoyed making and I was inspired to make it, thanks to pinterest and Heidi! I’m still a little slow with the hook but I’m getting there. Please do stop by at Ria’s place to participate and maybe get lucky and win some of her home cooked goodies too!

Happy Holidays way, way in advance peepal!

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