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Sunday Spl: Chopstick painting

I’ve been fascinated by chopsticks since I was 6. We were in Kuwait at that time and often used to eat Chinese take home with chop sticks. That just remained in my psyche and when ever I eat Chinese I make sure I try to show off my chopstick skills. At home I eat even maggi with chops sticks but its no fun. That reminds me of a south Indian style maggi with poppu/tadka - pretty good.

Sunday being this really slow day, I decided to do something that would help my future noodle inspired dishes. I wanted to adorn my noodles with self painted chopsticks.

Please be careful not to paint the tips that dip into your dish because no matter what the print at the back of the paint says, I don’t think you should be taking a chance with putting it in your mouth. So make simple or elaborate designs at the broad portion and and let it dry… I used the shimmer paints I had at home but i prefer loud and bright colours.

And then FEAST… :)